Pursuing alternative options while pondering separation.

Truth = beauty = awkwardness = truth = beauty = awkwardness = et cetera.

Very habit forming.

Get a refund from that charm school you went to.

Now having cocktails with a better class of people.

Happiness is a warm gun.

My checkbook is a memo pad of doom.

Keeps contact info for ex-lovers just in case.

Run in stocking = entire day ruined.

That’s not ok, Mohad.

Tomorrow I’m going to find me some Jesus.

Lies about having read Ulysses.

The nightmares have returned.

Childhood pet killed in minor traffic accident.

Keep on drinking or go to bed - you decide.

I blame everything on you.

Send lawyers, guns, money.

Socially diminished spectacle of conceit.

Causing disquieting delays for others.

For christsakes, can you keep it down?

I wish you were asleep right now.

Come and say that to my lawyer.

I got into acting for therapy.

Tanked on absinthe at media party.